Ville Mont-Royal

Winning Project

Quebec (Cecobois)

Located in the heart of Groupe Dynamite’s headquarters in Ville Mont-Royal, Quebec, the ATRIUM provides the company’s employees with a cafeteria, lunch counter, lounge and conference centre. Measuring approximately 100 metres in length and 10 metres wide, the space is located between two industrial buildings, creating a major link and offering an important meeting point for professional activities.

The main structure consists of a series of glulam arches supporting the glass roof as well as the bracing of the curtain wall. The ATRIUM’s ridge rises about 10 metres above the ground, thereby enabling the glass roof to slightly dominate the adjacent buildings. Sleekness is a hallmark of this structure.

Wood proved to be an optimal solution for this structure not only for reasons of cost and quick construction, but also because it showcases a regional, renewable material with little ecological footprint. The value of the mixed wood-steel structure is $275,000. 

Winning Project Quebec (Cecobois)

  • Commercial project under 1000 M2

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