Maison Mazda St-Félicien


Winning Project

Quebec (Cecobois)

The first car dealership in Canada to be built entirely from wood, this 544-m2 project skilfully integrates three structural systems, including a conventional light frame for the office area, a prefabricated light frame for the garage’s tall walls, and glulam and decking made from engineered wood for the showroom.

These building design choices demonstrate the enormous potential of light-frame construction for businesses of this size, particularly the garage’s prefabricated tall walls made using 7-metre-high engineered wood studs.

The abundant use of this framing system resulted in significant savings. Even the outside banner and the elliptical “performance wall” that are a hallmark of all Mazda dealerships were produced using a light wood frame. Aside from the economic advantages of this approach, 98% of the wood used in this building was sawn, dried and planed in the region, thus turning a local resource to good account.

The value of the light frame is $95,000, while that of the glulam beams and columns and the engineered wood decking is $115,000.

Winning Project Quebec (Cecobois)

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