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Quebec (Cecobois)

Selected to represent Quebec at the China International Garden Expo in Chongqing, Portage is a 600-m2 project that drew more than 8 million visitors during the event. It was one of the some 30 permanent international gardens established inside the 2.2-km² park created for the occasion. Wood was the sculptural material that structured all the main components of the space associated with Portage.

The layout features a path whose centrepiece is a canoe, a cultural and symbolic element of importance in Quebec. The main corridor consists in a footbridge made of 150 m2 of softwood decking laid out crosswise. Visitors using the footbridge thus contemplate an unfolding artistic oeuvre drawing on wood structures and furnishings

More than $50,000 in wood was dedicated to the various structural components and furnishings of the project (i.e., canoes), while $30,000 was earmarked for the decking out of a total budget of $300,000.

Winning Project Quebec (Cecobois)

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